My residential proxies are coming up DEAD/BAD, what should I do?

  • Sometimes you might get a DEAD/BAD Residential Proxy IP. In such cases, you simply regenerate a new Residential Proxy set.

  • After generating a new set of residential proxies, please test the proxies in FOG proxy tester.

  • You can download FOG proxy tester by visiting this link:‚Äč

  • Note: We're not affiliated with FOG company, we're simply linking an open sourced proxy tester which is easy to use and setup.

  • When testing in FOG proxy tester, be sure to use HTTPs protocol for accurate results. Example:

  • If FOG proxy tester returns "Failed", try testing the proxies in Google chrome or any browser of your choice.

  • If the proxies doesn't work in Chrome, first check if the website you're planning to target is responsive. If its responsive and the proxies are still failing then remove your IPv4 from the dashboard & re-add it and try testing then.

  • 99% of the times its authentication issues. Again, DO NOT add the same IP twice. Your proxies will NOT WORK if you do so.

I followed all the troubleshooting setups listed above, the proxies are still not working. What should I do?

In such case, please DM us on twitter @HEX_PROXY or Simply open a ticket in our Discord Server. We'll assist you right away.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach us out on twitter @HEX_PROXY or Simply open a ticket in our DISCORD Support Server.