What is a Residential Proxy IP?

  • A Residential proxy or IP is an IP address assigned to home users by their FIBER, ISP, Cable, or ADSL provider.

  • Our Residential Proxy Network is comprised of 100% real Residential IPs from all over the world.

  • Every time you generate a Residential Proxy, we guarantee you that it our proxy network will allocate you an IP address from mainstream residential ISPs such as Comcast, Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, O2 UK & more.

  • Websites such as Nike & Foot sites tend to have massive bot prevention firewalls if one keeps using the same IP over and over those websites will BAN that particular IP for some time. That's where Residential Proxies comes in play, by using Residential Proxies you can bypass all those bot prevention filters. And your success ratio will increase drastically.

  • Your Real location, identity & Home/ Server IP address will never be exposed.

  • Residential Proxies are ideal for botting websites like Kith, Adidas, Nike, Supreme, Footlocker & more.

  • No limits and restrictions, send an unlimited amount of concurrent sessions.

What are the advantages that Residential IPs have over Data Center IPs?

Unlike residential IP’s that are assigned by an ISP, data center IPs can be easily detected. Today most websites already know how to detect data center IPs and are able to block them. Residential proxies are the IPs of real user devices, making them undetectable when used correctly.

What type of Residential IP/Proxy we offer?

  • As of now, we offer ROTATING & STATIC Residential proxies.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach us out on twitter @HEX_PROXY or Simply open a ticket in our DISCORD Support Server.