Can I renew my Pro DATA plan?

  • NO, as of now you cannot.

  • We'll add an option for renewal in near future.

  • Yet you can TOP UP your current Residential Proxy plan if you're running low on GB DATA.

How can I "TOP UP" my current Data Plan?

  • First click "TOP UP" button shown in your dashboard, and a new window will popup.

  • That window will look like this:

  • Click "SELECT TOPUP"

  • A new down down menu will popup, which display the amounts GB you want to topup your plan with.

  • For instance, I want to add topup 1GB data to my current order, then I'll click "1" shown in the down menu.

  • And the website will show you an option to pay for that topup.

  • Click "BUY NOW" and make a payment.

  • Our API will instantly add DATA/BANDWIDTH to your current plan.


  • "Topup" button/option does not extend your Proxy Expiration Date, it only adds Data to your plan.

  • For instance, if you purchase a plan on September 1st 2019, then your plan expiration date will be September 30th 2019. Let's say you are midway (i.e around the 15th of September) through the month and have used about 700MB of data, and you want purchase add more DATA to your account. You clicked "TOPUP" button/option added more GB Data to your account.

  • Then keep in mind, that option will only add 1000MB of data to your account, and you'll have 1300MB of data to use from since you already used 700MB.

  • It will not "extend" your proxy plan expiration date to October 29th 2019. It will only and only add DATA to your order


"Topup" button/option is NOT a renewal button.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach us out on twitter @HEX_PROXY or Simply open a ticket in our DISCORD Support Server.